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Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance - Review

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance is a sequel to the 2007 Ghost Rider film while not being a sequel for that film. It uses the 2007 Ghost Rider as the backstory while disregarding whatever it needs for Spirit of Vengeance, this is not a movie for the fans of that movie. Instead think of it as a soft-reboot.The movie was directed by the Crank guys and this should give you an idea on what to expect. It’s self-aware movie which doesn’t take itself seriously, this alone should be enough to put off a large number of the melodramatic audience.

The re-imagination of Ghost Rider as wicked tar coated badass is pretty awesome, Ghost Rider is shown to be relentless, he is badass and nothing stands in his way. He is so extremely overpowered that the action scenes can feel underwhelming due to him just annihilating everything with little effort. But some incredibly cool sequences along with some brilliant camera work and some kick ass music making it all awesome. 

The camera can be dis-orienting in the beginning but you will get used to it soon enough.When it comes to the narrative, it feels very fitting for the Ghost Rider universe. It isn’t great but it doesn’t need to be. If you take this movie seriously you will be underwhelmed. Just watch it as a fun time and it will be entertaining for the while.

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