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From Paris With Love -Review

From Paris with Love is an action movie. An absolutely-badass over-the-top action movie. It uses the first few minutes to set-up our MC and his mundane/not so mundane life. And after all that, we join him on one more day of his mundane/not so mundane life and thus we are introduced to Wax. Hilarity ensues and ….. ..few minutes later absolute badass-ary ensues. 
It's not what it looks like
This movie knows action; every action scene is given some build up, anticipation and chaos; minor as they maybe. The action scenes have continuity, you are not wondering what and how, you are along with him as it happens. While Wax kills a whole lot of guys, at a time he takes on only a few, it doesn’t seem too implausible though still over the top. The enemies don’t have the typical bad-aim problem affecting these kinds of movies, wax usually takes cover before the enemies’ starts shooting and even when he shoots back it is during the gaps. Most action movies have this problem of guns sounding underwhelming and the total lack of recoil, not here though! the guns sound like monsters and every shot feels heavy. And for once random things don’t explode but whatever the guns hits, it hits hard. This is something rarely, very rarely movies get right. It felt good everytime and when I heard the gunshot, I felt like *yea!*

Some Impressive shit!

It’s a somewhat rubbish story, the villians are aimless the good guys are like let’s stop the bad guys and all that, but I really love the way it is presented. We are given short-term goals and as the short-term goals are reached the next short-term ones come into picture, I like the set-up though the pacing can feel a bit fast at times. Rather than the narrative it’s the execution that counts. 

The MC represents the chain of humanity to Wax who has arguably lost some of it. My favourite aspect of the movie is the fact that it gives ‘character’ paper thin they maybe to those generic placeholder roles, it also gives character specializations. Wax is a gun man, to drive the car you get another dude and he looked badass just driving the car. My  favourite scene is when the bodyguard for a certain official who looked like a generic placeholder spoke to Wax with a dialogue which sounds like something an actual person would say, it added humanity. Wax is also given(lost) the same humanity our MC represents through some really glanced over dialogues. I really liked this movie, it’s an over-the-top action movie with heart and that’s all I wanted. When all was said and done I walked away satisfied.

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