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Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas -Review

Sinbad borrows the name of the pirate for no other reason than publicity or recognition, it has no relation to Sinbad besides having a protagonist of the same name and he is a pirate.

Sinbad is a movie about adventure, romance and friendship. I quite like this movie; it is one of the few movies that handled all three exceptionally, though romance to a less extent but even that can be overlooked due to it understanding that fact (a dialogue towards the end by Ares nailed it hard).

The movie is animated beautifully; even the 3D doesn’t feel too out of place. The music is adventurous and emotional. From an aesthetic point I liked it all. The emotions were both subtle and easy to read, the character were full of life.

The premise is Sinbad meets old friend, Sinbad gets framed by Ares for stealing the book of peace, old friend takes his place, Sinbad sets out to prove his innocence. Adventure and romance ensues. But my most favourite aspect of the movie is friendship. The prince(old friend) is understanding and trusts Sinbad, Sinbad juggles his life against the value of the prince’s life and trust. It is a brilliant dilemma, and I absolutely love how it was handled here. Sinbad’s self-questioning attitude towards the end is pretty much my favourite part of it all.

The majority of the movie revolves around adventure and romance. Sinbad and the prince’s fiancĂ©.. . .yes, its about stealing your best friend's girl 0_0. But the movie's ability to recognize and acknowledge this part along with the understanding nature of the prince make it once again great to watch without the usual annoyance that this type of relationship evokes.

The adventure part felt adventurous, most movies struggle to make the adventure feel worthwhile within the short span of an hour or so, but here Sinbad and crew felt like they travelled far. It was all very interesting and entertaining due to the trouble making Ares, the bickering b/w the main characters along with the jolly crew of the ship.

It's all kept light hearted with just the right amount of drama and suspense to keep it compelling. The movie managed to make all the characters likable. Even the pseudo-antagonist Ares was quite charming with her playful attitude. The fact that I can remember most of Sinbad’s crew is testament to how much full of character they were all even with their very limited screen time.  The characters had emotions, dilemmas and had to make choices with consequences, I love that. The people felt like people, I liked everyone with the Prince being my favourite, though I wasn’t all that taken in by Sinbad or the female MC initially, by the end I grew to like Sinbad and also found the female MC to be charming. The prince is capable of things I am incapable of, and by the end of the movie is Sinbad is too. As I put myself in both their positions, either. .. .and everytime I think of the choices they made I am left ashamed, and I love it.

The phrase “there was never a dull moment” comes to mind. It is one of the few movies with drama yet no frustration and because of this it is one of the few movies I can watch over and over knowing the outcome and still get enjoyment out of it, the movie only kept elevating itself on subsequent watches.

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