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Saving the world isn't meaningful if there is nothing worth saving in it. 
Dark Souls comes to mind, a vague promise made to a random stranger can only take me so far.
A game that has everything I love. But, everytime I launch it, I ask myself. Why? Why should I do this again? There is no reason for me to save this world..
Give me reason.

I feel like an entity that took control of a doll. A puppet. I do love the game. But, If I love it then why can't I go back to it.
Dark Souls 3 I adore, there is a place that is home to me, there are people I care about, there is a reason to carry on. There is a reason for me to push on, I want to save this world, or at the very least do what I can. 
Give me something close but beware, as my love/vengeance/purpose is conditional. Chasing 'my' worthless fckn kid in Fallout 4 vs chasing Ciri in the Witcher 3. One tries to make a connection, the other is incompetence which results in apathy or hate towards the brat.
But yet we seek purp…

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